Nattiya's Thai style of food dates back 200 years from her own family recipe originating from the heart of Thailand. Our sauces and curry pastes for our dishes are made right here in San Marcos, California and are not canned, bottled or purchased from stores. Our specialty is our proprietary Coconut curry that is simmered for hours to prepare which creates our special unique taste that has our customers returning for more. We only use Poultry, Meat & Seafood produce's that are only of Premium quality so that it doesn't compromise its quality tastes. All of our sauces are homemade using only fresh spices which we integrate to our very own original family recipes. We only source out the best quality vegetables that delivered Fresh from our local suppliers. We use “NO MSG” in any of our dishes. We stand behind in maintaining our unique authentic Thai taste in every bite. We invest our time in our craft ensuring the best quality taste into the preparation of our dishes. From the time of simmering our proprietary homemade curry and sauces to blending the right amount of love and dedication before serving our dishes to our new and loyal customers. Everyone who dines at Nattiya’s Restaurant will always receive the absolute best authentic taste of Thailand!

Nattiya Sontisup was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. At an early age, Nattiya learned how to cook Thai food with just her surroundings and sense of taste. When Nattiya was a child her father would take her to taste different types of dishes at various restaurants every evening only to teach her how to distinguish the quality and taste in their native food. In 1975, her father owned a restaurant near an exclusive area by the Ararwan hotel in Bangkok. Here Nattiya would help assist her father in the family business and later becoming the head chef at their exclusive restaurant.

When Nattiya arrived in the United States in 1988, she was hired as a chef at a restaurant in Long Beach California. After a year employed she had the honor of completely taking full ownership of the restaurant which was named “Best Thai Restaurant”! She was recognized by "Spoon Server" and was Awarded the “Best Restaurant" in 1992.

After her success as chef and business owner, Nattiya decided to relocate to San Diego County to San Marcos, California to retire. Nattiya found herself helping a good friend in the kitchen at “Thai Express” a restaurant in Encinitas California. By 2002 she came back into the business and opened her very own restaurant, “Nattiya's Thai”. In 2012 she was recognized by the city of San Marcos and was awarded by the "Economy Development Corporation" as "Best Restaurant" for 2012. For more than 30 years in the Restaurant Industry, Nattiya has amassed skills in cooking Thai food, with a unique specialty in curry and seafood preparation. Her vast experience has always satisfied all her customers taste palate returning for more. Her creations are truly delicious!