Tips for Making Exciting Ice Cream Sundaes

The Roman emperor Nero ate flavored ice to get through Italy’s stifling summers, and frozen treats have only become more popular since the 4th century B.C.  According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the United States produced 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream in 2008, and 90 percent of the population enjoys the sweet treat.

Americans also like to stick with the classics – vanilla accounts for over 25 percent of all ice cream sales. But there’s far more to ice cream than vanilla in a cone. Cold Stone Creamery , an ice cream parlor known for its customizable offerings, has a few tips for exploring more unique possibilities:

•  Think beyond chocolate sauce and cherries.
Cereal, chocolate chips, fruit, jams, sprinkles, pie fillings, cookies crumbles, brownie chunks, chopped nuts and whipped cream are only the beginning!

•  Switch out the cone. Cones may be traditional in America, but in Italy,for example, it’s not uncommon to eat gelato on brioche. For an all-American frozen dessert, why not serve up some ice cream pie? Cold Stone Creamery’s new Gold Cone summer offerings are Key Lime, Harvest Peach and Blueberry, and all three flavors are available as pies.

•  Get seasonal inspiration. Think about your favorite summery foods.You could make a blueberry crumble sundae with cooked blueberries and a toasted oat topping, or mix pound cake and strawberries for a frozen strawberry shortcake.

Now that Cold Stone has shared some ideas with you, share your thoughts with them! If you try one of these Gold Cone flavors, visit ColdStone’s Facebook page and leave a detailed, creative comment expressing your love for it. The three people with the most passionate, innovative descriptions will win a chance to compete in a flavor development competition at the company’s headquarters – the best new flavor idea will be sold in Cold Stone locations. Three others will win a free ice cream party for friends and family.